Does your dog enjoy running? Adding an MPH figure to it, what is the top speed of your furry friend? Who will be the winner between your adorable Whippet and friend’s greyhound? Well, with so many energetic dog breeds out there who love to sprint, you surely need to find some interesting activities to keep them entertained.

Fast CAT is a new sport launched by AKC (American Kennel Club), but recently, it has gained a lot of fame. The sport is a fun activity for you and your canine friend and helps you know how fast they can run.

Know about Fast CAT

Fast CAT (Coursing Ability Test) is a simple dog sport. In the initial level, it is a 100-yard dash. Every dog is released and allowed to spring the course, chasing an object resembling a small animal. In a timed duration, scores a given based on their speed and size.

There are a few rules to understand and scoring points is simple. You don’t have to invest in costly tools and equipment to join.

Entry Criteria

The eligibility criteria to enter a Fast CAT event for the dog are:

  • It should be 12 months of age
  • It should own an AKC number
  • It should be physically capable to participate in the competition
  • Neutered and spayed dogs or mix breed or purebred all can participate in the competition

How to begin?

After you have made your decision to compete in Fast CAT, you should get in touch with your local AKC Club to acquire details about the upcoming events.

Once you have found out the time and date of the event, fill in the entry form and pay the relevant fee.

Things to bring to a Fast CAT Competition

There is a prescribed list of dog equipment that you should carry. Though the list is minimal when compared to the other dog sports, some items surely hold great importance for successful participation.

Collar: Ensure the collar is a comfy fit. It should have any tags hanging from it. You can use a completely different collar for a Fast CAT competition.

Water and treat: Ensure your dog is completely hydrated before participating in the competition. Also, bring in some treat to reward your pup after they have done their part.

Leash: You should carry a leash with you to keep your dog under control before and after the run.

A friend: Bring one of your friends, generally someone with whom your dog is comfortable. As the owner of the dog, you may have to stand at the end of the track to encourage your dog to run and reach the finish line; hence, you will surely need someone to release your dog for the race. Though you may get help from the handlers, there is no guarantee there will be someone available all the time.

Enthusiasm: AKC Fast CATis a fun game for you and your furry friend. Hence, enthusiasm will not just enhance the enjoyment level, but also encourage your dog to run faster while sprinting towards you.

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