The changing seasons bring new opportunities for pets to enjoy the great outdoors. However, they also introduce potential hazards that pet owners need to be aware of. As a pet owner, it’s important to keep your beloved dog or cat safe from seasonal dangers. Here, we’ll discuss some common injuries pets may face throughout the year and how to prevent them.

Ah, springtime. It’s a delightful season as plants come back to life. However, some spring plants can be harmful to pets. Hyacinths, irises, tulips, and daffodils are toxic to dogs. Make sure to learn which plants are dangerous and how to identify them. Another good practice is to choose walking routes away from flowerbeds and plant-heavy areas. When planning your garden, opt for pet-safe varieties to avoid any unfortunate encounters.

Summer’s sunny days also pose certain risks. Heat stroke is a major concern, especially for pets left outside without enough water. Encourage pets to stay cool and hydrated to prevent overheating. Ensure pets have access to shelter and water throughout the summer.

With its vivid colors and cooler temperatures, autumn is a favorite season for many. It also features several holidays that can pose risks to pets. For instance, Halloween can be hazardous with choking risks from decorations and costumes, as well as chocolate and xylitol toxicity. To protect pets from holiday-related dangers, supervise them around human food, and manage their stress during festive times.

Winter can be a fun time for pets to play in the snow. However, cold weather can also pose dangers if proper precautions aren’t taken. One winter-related illness seen more frequently in pets is canine flu. While humans can’t catch this respiratory illness, pets can. To protect your pet’s health, watch for symptoms such as coughing and nasal discharge. If you think your dog has caught the flu, consult an urgent care vet in Chicago.

These are just a few examples of seasonal hazards your pets might face. For more information and tips, check out the accompanying resource.

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