Our dogs are our family. Thus, we need to take care of them as such. However, giving them table food isn’t healthy for them. It may be delicious, but it doesn’t give them the proper nutrients. That’s why it’s essential that we search for the right kind of superfood premium dog food that will keep them happy and healthy at the same time. Thankfully, Different Dog is here to provide our furry friends with delicious dog food that they’ll love. Furthermore, they have a reliable Dog food delivery service in the UK. Let’s learn more about Different Dog here.

Fresh & Delicious

There are many reasons why feeding your dog fresh dog food is the best. Firstly, it makes their coat shiny, and they get healthier skin. Secondly, it’s good for digestion, and it’s less allergic. Thirdly, you won’t have to suffer from smelly poop. Lastly, it’s ideal for dogs that are fussy eaters. Apart from that, it’s great for all ages! You don’t have to worry about looking for food they will love. We all know how difficult it is to search for the right brand, especially since dogs have a keen sense of smell. Thankfully, Different Dog makes it easier.

A Customized Meal Plan for Your Pooch

What makes Different Dog different from other dog food brands is that they are customized for your dog! And by customized, it means that these are made according to what your dogs like and need. For one, these are made up of 60% human-grade meat, fish, vegetables, and fruits. They’re fresher compared to other dog food that comes in bags. Apart from that, these are prepared by chefs and cooked under 90 degrees to keep the juices in. You will then receive them frozen, which only need to be reheated and served right away.

How Does it Work?

Once you’re sure that you want to try Different Dog, you will then start the simple process of answering some questions. First, you’ll need to provide some basic information about your dog. After that, Different Dog will create a personalized plan for you. Next, the fresh hand-cooked meals will arrive at your doorstep. All you need is to pop them into the fridge or heat them up to feed to your pooch. Finally, your dog can enjoy a personalized meal that’s based on their diet and what they like. You can amend, pause, and cancel your subscription at any time!

Final Thoughts

If you’re on the lookout for fresh meals for your furry little pets, then it’s time to check out Different Dog. You don’t need to travel to buy those boring old dog food. All you need is to answer some questions, and it will be right at your door! Ultimately, your dog will remain happy, healthy, and energetic with the right combo of fresh ingredients!

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