Animals do it too, and not only around Christmastime. There are perhaps those of us who are too easy on our animals. But it doesn’t have to be the turkey carcass or any of the other leftovers from Christmas or Thanksgiving meals. Some foods and treats are better than others for your dog to ingest. In little amounts, many of the fall favorites served at Christmas gatherings might be a fun and safe choice for you to share with your dog.

There’s a chance you’ll want to share some of the turkey bones you and your family will be eating with Fido. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) advises against giving them to your pet because of the risk of gastrointestinal upset. While it’s true that turkey bones are off-limits, it doesn’t mean your pet should feel left out. Choosing the turkey and sweet potato dog food is also wise here.

Foods that are healthy and safe for your dogs to eat on Thanksgiving

We’ve put up a selection of tasty and nutritious goodies for your dog to enjoy this Christmas season. Potatoes of the russet kind. You and Fido may enjoy the contrasting flavors of the two potato varieties. However, you should only provide boiled or baked potatoes, and you shouldn’t season them with anything other than salt and pepper.

Apples and More With the Food Ideas

Apples, which are full of healthy fiber and vitamin A and C, are a great alternative for a Thanksgiving treat for your pet. If you wish to share an apple with your dog, be cautious and remove the core first, since eating large amounts of apple seeds might be harmful.

Turkey Meat Is Also Important Here

The meat has been processed to remove the bones and skin from the turkey. When asked whether dogs are welcome to partake in the Thanksgiving feast, the correct response is “yes.” The main dish may be served to guests without more seasoning if you so want. Dr. Klein says that in addition to keeping their dogs away from bones, owners shouldn’t feed them the skin either. Your dog may get pancreatitis or other health issues if it eats the skin of a chicken that was cooked with butter, spices, or other fatty ingredients.

Other Food Ideas for You

Green beans, in other words. Simply prepared green beans are good for a dog’s health since they are high in manganese, plant fiber, and vitamins C and K. The goal, like with the turkey, sweet potatoes, and other options outlined here, is to keep the bean dish simple; that is, do not add any extras like butter or spices.

You can’t go wrong with plain old peas, but creamy peas are best avoided. Creamed peas and other foods with a high fat content might make your dog ill.


There is a dessert option, but not just any dessert will do. To satisfy your dog’s sweet need without exposing him to potentially toxic levels of artificial sweeteners like xylitol, you may give him a healthy treat like frozen yogurt. Your dog will get a tasty treat after dinner and a nutritious boost from the calcium, protein, and live bacteria that may serve as probiotics in this tasty supplement. If you want to really treat your pet and get into the Christmas spirit at the same time, you may want to consider obtaining a dog advent calendar.

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