The pug character is unique among dogs and can only be described by someone who has lived with a pug for some time. These representatives are a very special dog and at the same time a sack of contradictions. This is what all pug owners say who have come to know and appreciate their darling. And are pugs dangerous? Absolutely not.

The Fun-Loving and Stubborn Clown Next Door

It’s difficult to sum up his varied character in just a few words. The character of Pugs can be described as very fun-loving and childlike, the characteristics of which range up to the clown. He makes his master laugh every day when he comes wobbly, puts on his gaze and grunts heartbreakingly.

He wants to impress his masters anew every day and show that he is the dearest, the best and the smartest. He is very loyal and follows his pack leader at every turn, but in the next moment he is stubborn and stubborn again if something does not suit him. Then he plays blind and deaf and is excellent at ignoring. For the pug, the greatest thing is to be there always and everywhere and to openly show his need for contact. He also likes to be with conspecifics.

The Family Dog ​​with a Funny Character

He does not show any aggression towards other dogs or towards people. Therefore his character can be summed up as uniform, funny and lively in essence. He also has no hunting instinct.

It would never occur to him to leave his beloved master and go fox hunting. He is full of trust and sees no danger, so that a typical dog of this breed will spontaneously approach everything, including dangerous dogs. Because of his friendliness he is of course not a watchdog. He would probably greet burglars with a wagging tail. You can See more about it.

He is very good-natured and allows a lot to be done with him. A character trait that is particularly suitable for families with children. You can easily tell whether the little one is doing well by their own noises, which only pugs can make. He can purr like a cat and coo like a pigeon and thus shows his well-being. All in all, this breed is the perfect family dog ​​that needs a lot of exercise and always wants to be challenged, but it can also just lie cuddling on the sofa with its master. He is very adaptable and adores children.

Most people cannot imagine a pug either. You may think of a “rollmops” first or think its boring dogs just lounging on the couch. However, the first real contact with a pug will convince most of the opposite. After a quick question: what kind of dog is that? Most of the time you get caught right away. Joy of life, activity, high spirits and warm, exuberant behavior are the order of the day.

You Fall In Love Instantly

You can fall in love with a Moppel straight away, you are fascinated by his human-like nature. His facial expressions are unique, his gestures are funny and curious and his character is as different as it can be. No other dog has such distinctive character traits as a pug.

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