The Border terrier is a sturdy, hardy and very active little dog. It is easily recognizable by its head resembling that of an otter. The general appearance of the dog gives off an impression of lightness. The Border terrier is an adorable dog for family life. Originally a hunting dog or a shepherd dog, it has the particularity of being quite small. As a family, he will listen to his master whom he will cherish all his life. He is gentle and caring, sometimes stubborn and temperamental. He needs to be educated quickly. He knows how to have a good time with the youngest, as long as he is not rushed. He supports his congeners but has trouble with other animals. Just like the Daniel Radcliffe Dogs they are also perfect for your choice.

History of the Breed

The Border terrier breed originated from several crosses involving British working Terriers such as the Bedlington terrier, Lakeland terrier and Dandie Dinmont Terrier. Its name is borrowed from its region of origin, that of the Borders, which is located on the historic border between Scotland and England.

This dog was traditionally used in fox hunting where it joined hounds like the Foxhound. He protected the herds as well as the farms from all intruders. He was very useful in hunting, as his small size afforded him the luxury of entering burrows. The breed was definitively recognized by the FCI on June 26, 1963 and its standard currently in force dates from June 24, 1987.


The Border terrier is not very difficult to feed. One effect, his diet consists mainly of high quality kibble, or premium kibble. A healthy and balanced diet allows it to live for about fifteen years.

Coat, colors and size of Border Terriers

Border Terriers are wire-haired dogs. The outer hair layers are coarse and water resistant, with short, dense hair undercoats that require basic maintenance. However, it is recommended to remove dead hair from the outer layer twice a year, as this helps hair regrowth.

Border Terriers vary in color they can be “wheat-colored”, “blue and tan”, “grizzled and tan” or red – with dark ears and muzzles. Designed for endurance and agility, Border Terriers weigh between 5-7kg for males and 5-6kg for females, typically reaching heights of around 30-40cm.

Temperament and Characteristics of Border Terriers

Although these dogs can be instinctive hunters, they are less aggressive than other terriers. However, they are also lively barkers and excellent guard dogs. Intelligent and eager to please, the only challenge in training may be their “selective hearing” sometimes they decide whether or not they want to hear your commands.

If it was not yet evident, this breed is active and requires a lot of daily exercise. These dogs love to pick up items and often excel in dog agility classes. However, if you are looking for an exclusively outdoor dog, this breed is probably not for you. Left on their own, they get bored easily and can quickly dig under a fence or climb over it. If locked inside for too long, Border Terriers can start nibbling at things and barking.

Border terrier Health And Care

On average, Border Terriers live for 12 to 15 years. They generally integrate quite well into family life, as they are more fulfilled when they feel they are part of a group. Independent, they like to accompany you as much as they can.

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