Holistapet supplements for pet, It is a cannabidiol compound that is found in industrial hemp plants, Cannabis sativa. It is a naturally occurring cannabinoid that gains more popularity over the past years. It has so many potential benefits.

Our CBD oil for dogs  treats contain NO THC. And it is non-psychoactive.

All research has shown pets have an endocannabinoid system. Endocannabinoid receptors in the body interact with CBD and use it. All our CBD products are specially made for your pets. All our CBD products are made from hemp sourced from Colorado and Oregon.

The raw materials used in our CBD products are natural and organically grown. All our CBD oil products have a high range of cannabinoids and terpenes included.

What exactly is the entourage effect?

Broad-spectrum CBD oil is known for having a stronger effect. Broad-spectrum oil cannabinoids and compounds work together and complement each other to strengthen CBD’s effect.

What CBD products are available?

We very well know how important your pet’s health is. You deserve the highest quality ingredients in all your CBD products. Humans have all these great CBD products. we have a wide variety of options from which you can choose. When it comes to meeting CBD demand,

We have all forms of natural feline-friendly oils.

  • Cat snacks
  • Capsules of oil
  • Spray for catnip

Cbd helps in activating your cat’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). ECS is an internal system that is involved in regulating body functions such as mood, Appetite, Discomfort, Swelling, and Memory.

CBS products are used widely in quality. Going for the cheapest CBD options may be a bad idea for you. because chances are that CBD products are not of that quality.

The number of THC matters.

All our CBD products use hemp-derived CBD oil that contains 0.30% THC or less.

Cats can tolerate CBD products.

CBD is a pure natural compound found in hemp plants. All our CBD products are well tolerated by cats. All recent studies have revealed that there are side effects to CBD oil.

However, once your cat becomes accustomed to CBD, it is mild and disappears. Dry mouth and drowsiness are the most common side effects of CBD for cats.

What does the research say?

The results are promising. CBD products are meeting the needs of pets. Cbd oil products are safe and non-toxic, which you can give to your cat.

You can give any regular amount of CBD to your cat and that will give very good results for your pet.

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