Putting together Bearded Dragonnew house is one of the most thrilling things you can do before he comes. There is no shortage of advice on mybeardies.com on how to set up a bearded dragon tank, but it may also be a daunting undertaking.


Because he’ll be spending a lot of time here, you must make your dragon as comfortable as possible. The size, material, and location of the enclosure in your house should all be taken into account when deciding on the ideal one for your bearded dragon tank setup. A bearded dragon requires a tank of a certain size. The size of your bearded dragon’s enclosure will be influenced by its weight. Bearded dragon tanks typically hold 40 gallons of water, however mature bearded dragons can grow to be far too large for this and suffer from stress as a result.

Enclosure Material

A Bearded Dragon tank can be made of three distinct materials:

  1. Glass (cheapest)
  2. PVC plastic
  3. Wooden (best)

Most vivariums, whether made of plastic or wood, are completely enclosed and have a transparent front panel. Both types of enclosures are excellent at retaining heat, making them the finest options.

Beginners are drawn to glass tanks due to their affordability and accessibility. In addition, they provide you with a better look at your reptile as a whole. It’s best not to set your glass vivarium near a window that lets in a lot of air or near a drafty radiator or fireplace. To decrease heat loss, place their enclosure in the corner of a room.

Housing Options: Indoor and Outdoor

Bearded dragons are usually housed inside as pets. As a result, spending time with them and maintaining control over your surroundings is a lot more enjoyable. It is more probable that indoor housing will have size restrictions than outdoor housing, depending on where you live. Indoor lighting faults or shortcomings can be made up for with unfiltered UVB. If you can’t have both, you should at least have the option of both indoors and outside. The outside enclosure may only be utilized when the weather is suitable.


The semi-arboreal nature of bearded dragons necessitates a higher-than-average habitat ceiling height. In the wild, bearded dragons have a wide range of habitats to choose from, and the geography of where they originate has a noticeable effect on their behaviour. The Pogona barbata is semi-arboreal, according to study. The height of the housing must allow for upright branches in order to fit its natural behaviour.


That’s all there is to it! Everything to keep in mind while setting up a bearded dragon home. Since even the tiniest of mistakes may have deadly repercussions, bearded dragon habitats are incredibly crucial. If you want your bearded dragon to have a long and healthy life, you must first ensure that its tank is properly heated, lit, and free of any hazards to its health, such as being too small or having loose particle substrate.

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