We all know that dogs are filled with energy. To make up for this enthusiasm they need to exercise daily. Some vets agree that dogs need to participate in an hour of exercise daily. Participating in these exercises with a dog is beneficial for humans too. Researches are proving that most dogs do not achieve the recommended exercise minutes. Find a Budget-Friendly Pet Boarding for your dog.

Things to consider before you exercise with your dog?

You must consider the health, breed, age, and other factors when determining the exercise level for your dog.

Breed: There are certain dog breeds like Labrador, Retriever who love high energy workouts. In many cases, anxiety issues can be alleviated in certain dogs by more physical activity and social interaction. Other breeds get tired with long walks and require a minimal workout.

Age and health: In case your dog has a history of diseases or is too old to do a heavy workout, you should give them ease. When doing physical activity, the overall health and age of the dog must be considered. Get a Low budget Fresh Pet Food.

Ways to exercise with your dog

  1. Walking: Walking is simple and can easily be done with your dog. It can also help you spend more time with your dog and strengthen your bond. By walking together both of you will be physically fit. Try walking longer at a slower pace, so that your dog can take scents, sight and sound. End this by jogging.
  2. Running: Dogs are the best runners and it could be incredible to race with your dog. Once you get your dog into the routine of a morning run, they will make sure that the exercise is taken care of. Running also helps them understand your pace and they will be able to walk with you easily.
  3. Hiking: Hiking is another fun exercise where you can explore a new space and can be challenging. It is like taking a fun walk in the holidays. Dogs love to explore and it would be great for their senses.
  4. Running your dog up and down the stairs: For those who cannot go out of home, running up and down the stairs is a great exercise in a dog’s workout. This engages different muscles and adds an extra level of difficulty with regular changes in elevation.

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