With the beautiful season approaching, the desire to unwind in the trails is felt. Here are some important tips to remember.

Always Follow The Trail Instructions:

Keep your dog on a leash and collect his needs, which you will dispose of in a trash can. Remember that access to the trails is a privilege and that it can be withdrawn at any time if there is non-compliance with the regulations.

Be Courteous:

When you meet people, keep your dog close to you and avoid him jumping, even if he is nice. It’s not everyone who appreciates the presence of man’s best friend (and woman). If the trail is narrow you can make it sit and wait for people to pass. As you go on Hiking with Dogs you need to know the followings:

Respect the physical form of your furry companion and gradually increase the distances.

In the same way that you wouldn’t improvise yourself as a marathon runner, your dog needs training to cover more territory, especially if there is a lot of vertical drop. No matter their size or breed, most dogs love to go on hikes; you just have to respect their limits.

Prefer the Harness and the Dog Hiking Belt Instead Of a Leash

This will give you a free hand and can use trekking poles if needed. In addition, your dog will feel that he has more freedom. The handles on the back of most harnesses will also help you get over some big obstacles if needed. If you want him to carry a backpack, make sure that the total load does not exceed 20% of his weight.

Teach Your Dog To Walk Well On A Leash And To Stay Focused, Even When He Sees Other Dogs.

If he is reactive when he sees other representatives of the canine species or if he is constantly pulling on his leash, call a specialist in canine behavior to work on this skill essential to the success of your hikes. For dogs that need more space, Beli training bibs will prevent those who pass you to keep their distance.

Always Be Concerned About the Well-Being Of Your Dog:

Maintain and care for his pads to keep them flexible with comfrey-based products, such as Fiske’s, which do not block the pores of the skin. Also watch for signs of exhaustion or discomfort throughout the hike, and if in doubt, turn around.

Have Your Dog Vaccinated Against Ticks.

They are now found everywhere in Quebec and in the northeast of the United States, so impossible to think of being able to avoid them. A treated dog will not be a vector for transporting ticks home, which will help protect you as well. When you return from each hike, still inspect its coat and check that you do not have ticks on your skin or on your clothes either.

Unless it is clearly stated that free walking without a leash is permitted, your dog should always be on a leash.

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