A dog is an extremely energetic animal who loves to socialize with other people and animals. A younger puppy is comparatively more interactive than an older dog. A dog who hasn’t met another dog for a brief period might have some difficulties while meeting a new dog.

Thus this quick guide will help you to keep the session safe and sound.

When your puppy meets another puppy.

If the puppies are of the same age then there is no trouble at all. They both will have the same energy level since they are at the same stage of life i.e. they are still energetic puppies. If the puppies are on leash allow them to greet each other like that only. When the puppies will see each other they will be excited and they will go into play mode instantly. They both will get energetic and start wagging their tails and they will try to jump over each other. Let the puppies play together for some time as it will help them to improve their socializing skills.

When your puppy meets an older dog.

The elder dog doesn’t have the same level of energy and excitement as the puppy. Thus, there are few things you should keep in mind while introducing your puppy to an elder dog. Let the elder dog approach the puppy and give them some time to sniff each other. Always keep an eye on the adult dog, if it shows signs of uncomfortable behavior you should separate both of them and wait for some time and then try again.

The two dogs will get along well when the elder dog is not aggressive and ignore the puppy. Puppies are learning social skills, sometimes around other dogs they might behave inappropriately like jump on them and bite them. In such cases, the elder dog might put the younger puppy in its place. This is a way for an older dog to teach social skills to the younger puppy. Ensure that the dog doesn’t hurt the puppy when the puppy tries to play with them.

When your dog needs a stranger dog.

If you are at a dog park walking your dog there are chances that you might run into another dog. Before you allow your dog to interact with their dog, always ask the owner if interacting with their dog is safe. Dogs display a variety of emotions; some can be aggressive or excited and scared while meeting another dog. Avoid interacting with dogs that are aggressive and bad-tempered as this can be an unsafe meeting.  Dogs that are always trapped on a leash will behave super excitedly when they are not on a leash. When both of the dogs will be comfortable around each other then they will wag their tails in excitement and sniff each other with calm facial expressions. These are the signs of ideal dog interaction.

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